What’s Included With the Navigator Institute?

Comprehensive Interactive Modules

Personal Career Transition Coaching Sessions

At the Navigator Institute, we didn't stop after developing the best online career transition learning system in the world. We understand great technology alone cannot entirely replace the human touch – especially during career transitions. That is why every client is assigned a personal career coach who possesses extensive human resources experience that included hiring and staffing decisions.

The coaches’ unique insights – acquired from having personally hired and rejected job candidates themselves – offer invaluable preparation for increasingly rigorous selection processes. From experience, they know you can’t land a good job with a bad interview, and they make sure you know it, too. Whether it’s helping you prepare for interviews, cope with the stress of a job loss, write your resumes, or even negotiate job offers, our team of personal career transition coaches will be with you all the way.

The Resume Builder

Our advisors’ corporate experience of having accepted and rejected tens of thousands of resumes served as the basis for the development of the Navigator Institute’s custom Resume Builder feature. Applying our proven formats, the latest interactive technology, and the online learning system’s built-in database, we have made writing professional resumes easier and faster than ever before.

With a single data entry for each of the recommended sections, you’re just a few clicks away from downloading your resume in three different professionally formatted Microsoft Word documents. Plus, the flexibility of the system readily accommodates changes for enhancing a resume’s applicability to any specific job posting or opportunity.

With some resume writing services charging over $700 for a single resume, the Navigator Institute’s Resume Builder is a unique feature and an extraordinary value. Not only is it included without additional charge, you can produce quality resumes in a fraction of the time it would otherwise require.

Step 1
Follow our Proven System

Everything you need to know about writing your resume is laid out before you. Our host will walk you through the different sections, formats, and the critical matters of style and content. The tutorial covers when and how to insert key words, action words, competencies, and countless other techniques that enhance and polish ordinary resumes.

Step 2
Enter Your Data

Once the format and content have been determined, it’s just a matter of entering the information into each of the boxes provided in the Resume Builder. You can then download your resume as a Microsoft Word document and change it however you would like in the future.

Step 3
Choose from 3 Templates and Print

This is the easiest part! Once the resume data has been entered in the database, all that is left to do is choose from the three resume templates and print. The templates are already designed to meet the needs of different career levels and life circumstances. For the duration of your program, you can modify your resumes as often as desired.

Durfee’s Laws

Matt Durfee, the Reluctant Expert on job search skills, gives personal anecdotal advice in “Durfee’s Laws.” These are short video segments that cover everything from interviewing to onboarding. Matt is able to offer useful advice because he’s held major positions at companies such as Hard Rock, Marriott, Frito Lay, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. He knows what distinguishes people who get hired from those who don’t and is here to share his experiences with you.

Campbell Interest and Skills Survey

The 320-question Campbell Interest & Skill Survey provides helpful insights to anyone considering a career change or wishing to explore how his or her talents and personal interests match-up with 60 different occupations. Included are numerical and graphical representations of the survey’s results as well as narrative comments to help clients understand which vocational areas they should pursue, explore, or avoid.