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What is the Navigator Institute?

The Navigator Institute is the world’s most highly interactive online program that teaches you how to get a new job - FAST! Combined with the personal career coaching of human resources and staffing professionals, the Navigator Institute offers an unmatched level of affordability, effectiveness, and flexibility. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Navigator Institute is in tune with today’s work force.

With fees of up to 75% less than the old and outdated alternatives, this one-of-a-kind learning system meets the needs of everyone from entry-level to C-level employees. You will acquire the skills to conduct an effective job search including learning how to deal with change, writing a resume, networking, researching career opportunities, interviewing, negotiating offers and even onboarding into your next job. Along the way, your personal career transition coaches is available to help you plan, prepare, and develop the skills and confidence necessary to compete and thrive in today’s changing job market.

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